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Running Training Programs

Personalized Training Plan

This training plan allows you have personal coaching to help you to achieve your goals. We will customize and optimize your daily training. You will have a coach who will talk with you about race strategy, performance nutrition, injury prevention, stretching and much more.

The most important of all, communication is UNLIMITED. Call, email, text, Skype as much as you’d like. We emphasize in personal coaching and you’ll see why “Running is Changing Lives”.  Learn More >

Group or Corporate Training Plans

These training plans allow corporates and groups run Faster and Further in a safe and welcome environment, promoting the wellness of employees and group members. We help achieve their goals, improving group training, promoting general health. We work with you to design the plan is right for your corporate or group.

Our training programs are design with progressive planning, injury prevention and we can work with both beginner and advanced runners.  Learn More >

Beginner Training Program

Run Fit I

This beginner training program is designed for the true beginner. People who are currently inactive or new to running or  running and walking. It’s a 12 weeks training program.

To help you reach success, Running Lilly Coaching offers 2 goal-specific groups:  Learn More >

Advanced Training Program

Run Fit II

This advanced training program is designed for athlete who is ready to take training to next level or athletes to peak for a 5K or 10K. Our 12 weeks training program will teach principles of speed training, nutrition management, hydration and more.  Learn More >

Walking Training Program

Walk Fit all levels

This walk training program designed for people who are currently inactive or new to walking for fitness.

The program includes a ten week training plan with walk and a professional coach and a team atmosphere with the camaraderie of others just like you. While this program focuses on beginners, all levels of walkers welcome.

Throughout the program, weekly group training sessions will keep you motivated and moving. Learn More

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