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Welcome to Running Lilly Coaching Summer Training Program!

Because of your fitness, walking, and running journey deserve great coaching this Summer.

The program starts Tuesday 21st, June 2022

Dates: June 21st – September 11th, 2022

I am excited to introduce the Summer Walking and Running Training Program. Taking the first steps, signing up, and showing up, are the hardest.  Over the course of this program, you will achieve goals that you once thought were impossible.

Lace up your shoes to start running or take your running to the next level – all in an encouraging environment.

Join me for the Running Lilly Coaching Training Program beginning on June 21st. Stay fit and have fun while you train for a 5K, and 10K.  Download a flyer

  • Coaching, guidance, and support from an experienced coach
  • 12 weeks of specific training plans for beginner and advanced groups
  • Three weekly group training sessions (optional)
  • Weekly emails with tips on training, nutrition, and more

My personal goal for this program is to create a safe, intimidation-free environment where ANYBODY can get a fair sampling of what it feels like to experience walking or running and enjoy it. In that type of environment, new runners can feel empowered, encourage each other, and begin to experience the true magic of running group/community. I especially look forward to seeing our group achieve goals they may have thought were unattainable.

I truly hope you will enjoy this upcoming Running Lilly Coaching program and/or share it with others who might be interested in experiencing running.

This program will help you to improve your speed, flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance in the summertime of 2022.

The commitment to this program is important to your success.  Your commitment is a promise to yourself that you will achieve what you set out to accomplish through this program. Your personal commitment and dedication to this program will result in a healthier and happier you.

Your fellow participants are here to support you too. Soon you will know each other’s names and be cheering one another during workout sessions.

Remember this program is for YOU! I offer a safe, welcoming, all-inclusive environment for you to get fit, make friends and have fun.  You do not have to worry about “being last” or “holding up the group.” I encourage you to work at your own pace, and I am here to motivate and support you.

Fee: $290

Once again, welcome to the Running Lilly Coaching 2022 Training Program!





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