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Group or Corporate Training Plans

These training plans allow corporates and groups to run Faster and Further in a safe and welcome environment, promoting the wellness of employees and group members. We help achieve their goals, improving group training, promoting general health. We work with you to design the plan that is right for your corporate or group.

Our training programs are designed with progressive planning, injury prevention and we can work with both beginner and advanced runners.

Employers are encouraged to select a goal race for participants to complete at the end of the program; corporate clients often choose a race so that employees can participate as a team. We can help the organization and/or individual runners in selecting a goal race.

We can offer seminars related to running topics such as injury prevention, good running form, strengthening and stretching for runners, nutrition, hydration, running gear, and race day preparation.

If you are interested in finding out how Run Farther & Faster can help build employee wellness, morale, and camaraderie in your workplace, contact us for more information!

For further details and to sign up, please email: or call 303-579-1368.

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