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Runners Roost Boulder

Runners Roost has been locally owned and serving the Colorado running community since 1977. That says a lot about our passion and dedication to the sport of running and all the people that make Colorado the best state to be a runner. Recognized as one of the top running stores within our market, Runners Roost strives to provide a fun, creative, and informative place to shop. It is our goal to provide you with the highest-quality running footwear, accessories, and gear. Our key principles have made us the “go-to” place for runners.

Address: 629 South Broadway, Suite E
Boulder, CO 80305
Phone: 303.554.7837

Forbes Nutrition

megForbesMegan has over 13 years of professional experience as a nutritionist/Dietitian in Boulder, Colorado.  She has spent numerous hours with sports nutrition both personally and professionally for several competitive athletes as well as being a runner, triathlete, and cyclist herself. 

Megan currently has a diverse array of clientele including people suffering from autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal distress, heart disease, allergies, those focusing on sport, and much more.  Her focus is on functional nutrition; the advanced practice of personalized nutrition assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring with the goal of promoting optimal health and preventing diet and lifestyle-related disease.  Her approach is food first and helping athletes get their needs met through nutrition.

400 S. McCaslin Blvd
Suite 210
Louisville, CO

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